Job Seeker Services

Empowering your career journey

At Affirmative Recruitment, we understand that there are unique career-related challenges faced by many individuals who are Neurodivergent or living with disability or chronic illness. Our tailored services are designed to empower you on your professional journey.

Personalised Support

Our boutique size means you’ll be working closely with our principal partner and owner of the agency. We offer individualised guidance and support, understanding that each candidate has distinct needs and aspirations. From resume refinement to interview coaching and career direction, we’re here for you.

Access to Opportunities

Leveraging our extensive network and partnerships with inclusive employers, we connect you with job openings that match your skills and ambitions.

Advocacy and Representation

We serve as your dedicated advocate, ensuring that your talents are recognized and valued in the recruitment process. We champion your abilities to potential employers, breaking down misconceptions and highlighting your unique talents.

Ongoing Support

Beyond securing a role, we provide continuous support to ensure your success and fulfillment in the workplace. Your career growth is our priority.

Expertise across job disciplines

With over 20 years’ expertise in recruitment across multiple sectors, we are able to confidently offer career assistance across a range of job families, including:

Delivering to employers from a cross-section of industries in both private and public sector, means we are not limited in our target market, nor by your previous experience.

Contact us today to discuss your unique career journey so far, and your ambitions for the future.

Illustration of three people with a city skyline as background. On the left, using a manual wheelchair, sits a middle aged woman with red hair and glasses. She wears white pants and a light top. She is holding a tablet-type device near her lap. In the middle stands stands a woman wearing a grey suit and light blue shirt. She has short blond hair, and fair skin and is holding a laptop in her left hand. On the right is a man wearing shaded glasses and using a white cane. He wears a casual beige suit, white shoes and a blue open collared shirt. He has brown skin, short black hair and a black beard.

A registration process you can trust

We’ve designed our registration process to be as accessible, inclusive and transparent as possible for all candidates. We will seek to explore the experiences, behaviours and skills which make up your unique formula for success, as well as any adjustments or support systems needed to optimise your career performance and fulfilment. Disclosure of your personal circumstances, whilst invited at various stages of the process, is not a requirement, and is based on your own judgment of what is relevant to your application.

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