Recruiting for an Inclusive Future

Transforming organisations. Empowering careers.

We are proud to work exclusively with candidates living with disability or chronic illness, and those who are neurodivergent, to offer a unique, disability-positive recruitment agency experience. 

Drawing on a wealth of industry experience, we partner with employers to transform workplaces through diversity and inclusion, and empower candidates to grow professionally using their own unique formula for achieving success.

Choosing Affirmative Recruitment means you’re not just hiring a candidate or seeking a job, you’re becoming part of a movement. Together we can build a workforce, through inclusion and empowerment, that celebrates every individual’s unique abilities.

Contact us today and be part of the change to an inclusive future.

A group of 10 people, some with visible disabilities and others with non-visible disabilities. The group includes people of varying appearance including age, ethnicity, and stature.

Your trusted partner with a dedicated social purpose

With the benefit of over 20 years of industry-leading experience and a history of partnership with many of Australia’s most recognised employers, we offer a high-quality, dependable boutique service which places our purpose at the heart of what we do. We’re here to make a difference: to create an inclusive future, one job, one candidate, one organisation at a time.

illustration of 3 people with different physical appearances. On the left stands a woman. Her left arm is shorter than her right arm. She wears a sleeveless top and beige pants. She has brown curly hair and has light brown skin. In the centre stands another woman. She is short in stature with long brown hair, fair skin, wearing a white top and blue pants. To the right sits a man, perhaps slightly older than the others. He has short light brown hair and fair skin, wears a red shirt and tan chinos. He is using an electric wheelchair.
Illustration two people. On the left stands a woman. She is wearing a grey suit and light blue shirt, has short blond hair, and fair skin. She's holding a laptop in one hand. To the right is a man. He is balding on top with some grey hair and a short grey goatee. His skin is also fair. He wears a checked blazer, blue shirt and pants and is holding a small briefcase.

Elevate your career: showcase your unique talent

We embrace the principle that every candidate has a unique formula for achieving success at work.  Together we explore the experiences, behaviours and skills which make up that unique formula, as well as any adjustments or support systems needed to optimise performance and happiness in the workplace.

what we do

Transform your organisation: build inclusive practices

We’re passionate about enabling organisational transformation through more diverse and inclusive hiring and we partner with employers at every stage of this journey. We acknowledge the business-critical nature of every vacancy whilst identifying both essential and desirable requirements. We support hirers to maximise their inclusive practices for greater success and promote any government or third-party services which might add extra value (or savings!) to a hiring process.

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